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Welcome to the section of Rare bookmarks.
You will be thrilled by the exquisite elegance of bookmarks created by old masters.

The handmade bookmarks in our collection reflect the continuity of the historical tradition established by the first book-readers in the remote past. As for the techniques and materials, we have searched and found them in the Russian folk art and in today’s art of Russia.
When creating Russian bookmarks, we tried to reveal the most characteristic features of Russian handicrafts and folk paintings in order to find the most suitable forms and designs to give them their proper expression. In some cases creation of a bookmark proceeded from traditional technologies and designs that were then filled with a typically Russian content and flavour.
Our collection is being increased with new developments of handmade bookmarks and we want to implement an increasingly wider range of ideas. Some bookmarks in our catalogue have no nomenclature specifications, which means we will be pleased to custom-make them for you.
The Russian Bookmark project is open to both customers and Russian artists and folk masters. We will be happy to cooperate with you, if you find new ideas, designs and images for Russian bookmarks. 

The catalog presents handmade bookmarks:




Bookmark for the edition of History and Monuments of tht Byzantine Enamel Art.

Bookmarks from the collection of the Novgorod State United Museum


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