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RUSSIAN BOOKMARK is a registered trademark of the Russian souvenir project.
The collection presents a variety of bookmarks handmade in the Russian arts-and-crafts traditions, bookmarks made after the works by graphic artists and painters, as well as some original printed pieces related to the history and customs of both the Old and present-day Russia. Some bookmarks are exceptional, some are funny, still others are informative, ornamental or romantic. There are also bookmarks that cater to younger audiences. The project has been created by a group of talented Russian craftsmen and artists, designers and editors.

Two millennial histories are deeply intertwined in the RUSSIAN BOOKMARK project: the history of bookmarks and the history of Russian culture.
Many readers today will be surprised to discover that bookmarks have such a long history. In fact, bookmarks were invented by the first users of books, who were faced, early on, with the necessity of guiding themselves through a reading process. They needed a tool that would mark the place where they had stopped reading, single out important information or emotionally charged passages and ensure a quick search without damaging a book by breaking its back, writing in the margins or underlining, bending page corners or unnecessarily leafing through a book. 
It is to bookmarks that humankind owes the preservation of thousands priceless masterpieces for posterity. Over centuries readers have been making bookmarks with their own hands, producing original and convenient articles of leather straps, ribbons and pieces of fabric embellished with needlework and drawings. Young girls used to make bookmarks with good wishes embroidered on them to be given to their boyfriends and parents as traditional gifts. It was not until later that manufacturers began producing woven silk bookmarks embroidered with gold thread and beads and embellished with gemstones like genuine jewelry articles.
Advances in printing technology turned over a new leaf in the history of bookmarks. Increasing numbers of readers were taking a fancy to reasonably-priced picturesque paper bookmarks. Bookmarks have since become a medium in their own right. They have been used to advertise books, events, companies and wares and to propagate political campaigns and educational ideas. The present-day variety of devices, technologies and materials has given rise to the art of bookmark making governed by its own traditions and rules. This website allows learning all there is to know about bookmarks.
Like any other art, the art of bookmark making has a national flavor. As a souvenir, a bookmark introduces its country of origin, its history and culture, popular traditions and artistic tastes. In fact, travelers find it an ideal souvenir, if only because it is small, light-weighted and easy to transport.
Above all, a bookmark makes for an excellent gift. This small but useful article does not require any storage space at home or in an office, nor does it affect the interior decoration style. It will just find its way into a book, album or organizer and make the recipient of such gift think kindly about you more than once. This fascinating tradition of exchanging presents will not cause inconvenience of any kind, but will bring joy to either party. The great diversity of bookmarks gives you a chance to choose the bookmark that suits you in terms of price and subject matter.

Elena V. Bulkina, Project Leader


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